3. Consulting and Engineering Supervision:
  • Technology development

              Carbon Capture

              Gas Hydrate Managfement and Mitigation      

  • MC services  
    •       System  Design Supervision
    •       Procurement Management 
    •       Supervision of construction and pre-commissioning
    •       Commissioning, Operability Tests, Performance Tests

Test systems for non-chemical source CO2 capture technology development 

Engineering Services & Example Projects

Technology Development in areas of:

  • Carbon Capture
  • Gas Hydrate Management 

M. A. Procense with partnership with qualified engineering consultants provide engineering services in the following areas:

2. Design and optimization of steaam generation systems:

  •      Refurbishing of existing boilers and burner systems
  •      Burner system modifications to gas fired systems with superheaters
  •      Performance improvement of boilers using economizer
  •      Retube of pressure parts
  •      Supply of economizers
  •      Supply of burners with minimum excess air ratio
  •      Superheater modification
  •      Offering control systems
  •      Blowdown reduction
  •      Pumps, fans and inlet air heater modifications
  •      Deaerator system design and modifications
  •      Fuel heater system modifications
  •      Flash Tank system modifications
  •      Training